Cruise Control

In the past cruise control (otherwise known as speed control) has mainly been regarded as a feature found on vehicles at the luxury end of the market. Now, although many manufacturers do offer cruise control as an option, it requires selecting a higher trim level at far higher cost and bundled in with other extras - which you may or may not want. Many manufacturers also don't offer cruise controls as aftermarket additions, they are only available 'factory fitted'.

Our cruise control can be retro fitted to 99% of road vehicles regardless of age, make/model, petrol or diesel, manual or automatic and at a far lower cost than a trim level upgrade.

Benefits of cruise control
  • Allows you to take your foot off the accelerator
  • Can save fuel by controlled acceleration rates and constant speed
  • Constant driving pattern reduces mental stress and tiredness
  • Cuts down aches and pains, cramps in legs and back caused through pressing your foot on the accelerator during extended periods of driving
  • Prevents accidental speeding
  • Simple to install and re-install in your next car
  • Less wear and tear on the vehicle
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