Reversing Aids

A reversing camera for your vehicle, whether it is a car, van, caravan or truck is inexpensive and invaluable. Investing in an affordable reversing camera system now could save you thousands by avoiding a costly reverse parking accident. The reversing camera kits vary from wired to wireless, some have a separate LCD and some are built into the car stereo for the ultimate reversing camera system

JRH install a range of high quality parking aids designed to give audible and visual warning of unseen hazards behind a vehicle. Our sensors can also be colour coded to match the exact colour of your bumper, giving a factory finished look. If required a screen can be mounted in the vehicle giving visual aid of the hazard.

Not only do they make parking less stressful and safer, they could pay for themselves in a short time through avoidance of insurance claims, garage costs and lost vehicle time. They have the potential to also avoid personal injury and the associated suffering and compensation costs.

Benefits of reversing aids
  • Avoid vehicle damage
  • Reduced insurance costs
  • Avoid lost vehicle time
  • Reduced risk of personal injury
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